Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Josh Hartnett For Emporio Armani Diamonds For Rich Douchebags Who Want To Look Homeless and Can't Grow Facial Hair

Well, here's the first look at Josh Hartnett's campaign ad for Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men Fragrance. Gross. If you look closely, you can clearly see the look of disgust on that chick's face, completely baffled by the fact that this millionaire has the audacity to smell so rancid. You just know he not only refuses to bathe, but most likely doesn't wear deodorant and probably asks homeless people to give him great big bear hugs so he can smell poor. I also wish to shit that he'd shave off that sad little 'stache he's been furiously trying to grow for years. It's not going to happen dude. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have to hit puberty before you can grow facial hair. It's just the laws of nature. All in all, I'd say this ad sucks. He's a terrible choice for a brand synonymous with luxury and class.


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