Thursday, June 5, 2008

July's U.S. Marie Claire with 4 SATC Covers

Oh Marie Claire, you are so slick adding fuel to the already flaming fire that is the hatred between the Sex and the City girls. I bet Kristin Davis is preordering a bajillion copies right now just so she can *for once!!!* outdo SJP at something. Sure, there was that one time, on a really humid day, when Kristin's hair was straightened to perfection, and SJP's curls were all frizzy. But did Krisitin receive a showering of compliments like she had anticipated? No! Sarah Jessica totally looked like shit and no one even said anything! In fact, they told her it was very "bedhead" and told Kristin that her perfect hair looked too "uptight"! I bet K.D. has one of those rooms like the crazy people in movies, all filled with SJP pictures and crazy scribble scrabble in which she paces for hours, plotting her revenge. One day, Sarah Jessica! One day the spotlight shall be Kristin's!!! Anyway, needless to say Cynthia Nixon's cover is my favorite. Her red hair and gold dress really compliment the glowing gold cover. Plus she poses so naturally. There's nothing desperate about the way she poses either on the red carpet or for shoots. If you like her, great. If you don't TFB. That being said, Kim and Kristin don't look too tragic. For once.


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