Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Released Fall's T.V. Lineup

Damn the writer's strike! It has been ages since any brand spankin' new episodes of your favorite dramas have been aired, and because of the shortened season, most of the storylines sucked hardcore. The new fall lineup has finally been announced, with the earliest premiere being Prison Break on the 1st of Sept. Here are some of the dates for the most natable shows:
Prison Break- September 1
Fringe- September 9
House- September 16
Survivor-September 18th
CSI Miami- September 22
Heroes- September 22
Law & Order SVU- September 23
Lipstick Jungle- September 24
CSI NY- September 24
My Name is Earl, The Office & E.R.- September 25
Amazing Race 13- September 28
The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy & American Dad- September 28
Chuck- September 29
This is actually fairly early for these lazy bitches. Last year some premieres didn't even start until November. Ridic! To check out the entire list, click here


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