Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lindsay Is A Calm and Reasonable Individual

In this video, Lindsay snaps at the houding paps and I have got to say, I do not blame her. In fact, I think she went WAY too easy on them. Forget accidents, I would run over those assholes on purpose. I get aggrivated when there are too many people in the aisles at the supermarket. If this were me, I would be making Sean Penn look like a cuddly little Care Bear. I would be swinging bats and chucking children and slinging shit like you have never seen shit slung before. It would seriously make Kill Bill look like a G-Rated adventure for the whole family. And if I was PMSing, ohhhhh forget about it! It would be over! I know they want to get their pics, but damn! It's called personal space! Back the fuck up!


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