Monday, June 9, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Visa Swap 2008

Lindsay Lohan participated in a clothing swap deal for Visa, where "Customers can donate clothing they no longer wear to the Covent Garden shop over a period of three weeks beginning June 21, and then have the value of their clothing — in points — put onto a Visa card. During the weekend of July 19, customers can then exchange the value of the points on their cards for others’ second-hand items."
That's all well and good, but bitch looks all shades of pissed. Or maybe this is the face of confusion. As in, "you are hiring me? Like for a job? Like you pay me? Money? Paper? Stuff that goes in the bank? Hold on, I'm not sure I understand this correctly. You want me to sit here while you take my picture? Do you want to see my vagina? No? Are you sure? Cause I don't mind showing it to you. How about a litte nip? No?!? Really? You're paying me just to sit here with my clothes on?!? My head hurts." It's ok Linds, my head also hurts from being subjected to those fug ass Balenciaga shoes. Don't get me wrong, Balenciaga is one of my FAVES, but those shoes deserve to be burned and buried. She was spotted yesterday with a pair in pink, which means she probably either was given a free pair from the shoot, or stole them. I'm going with stole! Thievery! JK, not even Winona Ryder would steal that shit.

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