Thursday, June 26, 2008

Look Out Tyson Beckford. Outta The Way Derek Zoolander. There's a New Male Model in Town and He Goes By the Name of KFed.

Pleasepleaseplease let this happen! According to In Touch the hotness that is Kevin Federline has been offered a seven figure endorsement deal to be the new face of the Christopher Brian Collection. Although they have not yet signed any formal deals, Chris Stokes, co-owner of the brand, has extended a weed branch. “We feel Kevin would be a great model for the line." A source also claims that “Kevin is also working with Chris on his music and movie career." I always knew you had a little Blue Steel in you Kevin. You betta work, bitch.


Nicole said...

Haha, he actually looks good there. Its already unbelievable that Kfed has walked away from his marriage to Brit being "the sane one"... so his modeling career would be less of a shock! lol!

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