Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Madam Tuso's Is On Fire!

Not really, but tell me it doesn't look like Sly Stallone and wife Jennifer Flavin are two poorly constructed statues melting before our very eyes. All together now: "We didnt start the fire! No we didnt light it, But we tried to fight it!" The two sexy beasts showed up for a book signing party for 21 Nights by Prince and Randee St. Nicholas held at a private residence on Friday in LA. Now, I don't like to compare (yes I do), but really these two should not be in the same state let alone the same room as Christina Milian. Her beauty makes them look even more like "The Thing". Tell me it doesn't! Let this be a lesson kiddies. Don't fucks with your face! It won't turn out pretty!

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