Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mary Kate Olsen To Guest Star on "Samantha Who?"

To first answer your question, "Samantha Who?" is a shitty "sitcom" starring Christina Applegate. According to my grandfather, it is the worst show of all time ever. And probably the worst thing that has ever happened in life. He seriously hates it with a passion and ferocity that is undescribable. Nevertheless, MK, aka The Other One, is going to guest star on Samantha Who? and she is taping the episode now. She is going to play someone that Samantha saves-whatever the hell that means. Is she going to bring the good word of the Lord to her? Or are we talking like, The Other One is almost eaten by a pack of rabid wolves, only to have Christina Applegate jump in and tackle them down one by one, contracting rabies herself, but still saving the precious life of an Olsen. Because that I will definetely tune in for.


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