Sunday, June 29, 2008

Model Dies in Fall From Apparent Suicide.

So sad! Ruslana Korshunova, 20, who has graced the pages of European Vogue among other high profile fashion mags, fell to her death from her Manhattan apartment building Saturday in an apparent suicide. Korshunova died around 2:30 p.m. in a fall from a building on Water Street, in Manhattan's Financial District, The New York Post, the Daily News and Newsday reported.
Police said the fall was under investigation. Korushnova's New York agency and a spokeswoman for medical examiners did not immediately return telephone messages.
Originally from the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, Korshunova has walked in some of the biggest shows in the indutry, for such designers as Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci and DKNY. British Vogue hailed her as ''a face to be excited about'' in 2005.
Her break came when modeling booker Debbie Jones noticed her while perusing an in-flight magazine article about Korushnova's hometown of Almaty, according to the Vogue report.
''She looked like something out of a fairytale!'' Jones told the magazine. ''We had to find her and we searched high and low until we did!''
In the months leading up to her death, Korshunova took to her blog to write about love, confusion, and giving indications that she was increasingly depressed. According to the NY Daily News, she reflected on life in her poetry saying, "Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably...And never regret anything that made you smile."
The Kazakh beauty wrote that love "blinds," "sets souls afire," and "is always the answer" in emotion-soaked passages posted on a social networking site.
Do not confuse love and desire," she wrote in Russian in her most recent posting May 30. "Love is the sun, desire - only flash. Desire dazzles, and the sun gives life."
The soulful note warns of the perils of sacrifice.
"Love does not take away from one in order to give to another. Love - this is the essence of life. But you will not give your life to another."
Korshunova's most telling message came three months ago: "I'm so lost. Will I ever find myself?"
She appeared angry in some postings, brokenhearted in others.
"I'm a bitch. I'm a witch. I don't care what you say!!!" she wrote March 11. "I know what it is. I know why my other relationships didn't work out, 'cause I'm unpredictable. Why are you afraid of it?"
In January, she wrote, "It hurts, as if someone took a part of me, tore it out, mercilessly stomped all over and threw it out.
"My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow it is too high," she wrote in a March note.



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