Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Overpriced Crap From Avril Lavigne

I hate that dumb twat Avril Lavigne. I hate her look, I hate her (plagerised) music, I hate her whiney, bratty attitude, and I hate her "I am so punk rock" schtick. In continuing her effort to seduce young children into also being bratty, whiney complaining little know it alls, the punk rock posuer will be releasing a new fragrance. You know, in case you always wanted to smell like hypocrisy and desperation. Here's the statement released from the H.B.I.C. behind it:
"Young teenage girls really aspire to Avril and love everything about her. (…)”It’s about finding which brands appeal to young consumers, and [which] fashion and celebrities are resonant with them.” Said Heike Hindenland, global marketing director for P & D Prestige Products
What a load of crap! I am totally convinced that the bigwigs behind Avril Lavigne are kidnapping pre-teen girls in the middle of the night and brainwashing them ala "Zoolander". "Obey my Dog!!!" Seriously though, can we like, vote to make her move out of the country? If we all ban together, I'm thinking maybe we could make it happen. Or at least maybe get her in the town square and take turns slapping her. I mean someone has to. Bitch really needs to be slapped.


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