Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nanette Lepore And The Creative Coalition Host Fashion Votes

Nanette Lepore and the Creative Coalition's Fashion Votes event went down at the new Nanette Lepore boutique on Melrose Avenue June 16th and let me tell you, someone must have been beating these bitches with a bat before they made it to the carpet. Talk about a wrecked looking bunch of somebodies! Did the invite read, "Must look like you don't give a shit.", cause that's certainly the look everyone appeared to be going for. If so, mission accomplished. I am still awarding a best and worst dressed though, because two individuals managed to stand out in a room full of fug.
Best Dressed: Amerie
This is just a really cute, simple, clean look, but I love that she spiced it up a little with the Chanel chain purse and leopard print shoes.
Worst Dressed: Alfre Woodard
What in the good goddamn is going on here? This is just nonsense. Alfre looks like a little girl whose mom tried to dress her up proper but immediately ran out and made mudpies and climbed trees for three hours ruining the hair and dress and making a hot wreck of herelf. I'm sorry to say, it's just not a cute situation.
Judy Tenuta & George Blodwell and Anna Lynne McCord

Michelle Krusiec & Christine Lankin

PCD's Carmit & Perrey Reeves

Nanette Lepore, Kerry Washington and Robin Bronk

Kerry Washington & Tichina Arnold



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