Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Day, New Shots Of XTina Partying

Oh look. It's Christina Aguilera in blue Louboutins looking wasted outside of a club. What a completely shocking and rare sight to see. Like a crocodile in Florida or a dirty siringes and peeled off scabs at the Doherty estate. And what is this I spy? A missing wedding ring from XTina's hand? No need to worry-I'm sure she just took it off when she was washing dishes or changing baby what's his face's diaper or serving lunch at her local soup kitchen. Yes. That is surely the reason. Definetely not cause Jordan's tired of her vomiting all over his best pair of Air Jordans and dragging his beat ass to Hyde every night so she can flaunt her veiny tits. Yeah. That's definetely not the reason.



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