Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nicole Richie is Mummy Chic

Nicole has totally won me over, convincing me of her sincere love for spending time with her daughter. I know approaching things with such scepticism might be a bit pessimistic, but come on. Most of these Hollywood nimrods use their babies as accessories, merely putting them on whenever they match an outfit or pretending to love them for cash or a photo op. But Nicole Richie is barely ever seen without her daughter, and when she is with her, it definetely seems like she is going about her buisness, rather than holding her up like she's Simba from "The Lion King", making sure the paps get her loving her tiny trophy at her best angle. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention Nicole's cool, cute, comfortable approach to fashion when chillin' with her babay. I love that she maintains her style but it's practical. Anyway, here's the reformed party girl taking a stroll with daughter Harlow in Glendale yesterday. Adorable.



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