Saturday, June 21, 2008

Numéro Korea July 2008 with Kate Moss is an Amy Winehouse Rip Off

So Kate Moss is on the cover of Korea Numero's July Issue, but who cares? When I saw these pictures of Daul Kim from the issue I immediately thought two things: 1.) desktop wallpaper! and 2.) This is an Amy Winehouse rip off if I've ever seen one. It's like they snuck into Amy house while she was passed out and stole all the contents of her closet, her makeup, her weave glue, and managed to take her hive straight from her head without even disturbing the beast. I mean damn! Straight up style stealers! If Daul's face was peeling off, making her look like an acid burn victim, she would BE Amy Winehouse in these shots. Ridic! Amy should get some royalties from the sale of this edition. Save the Crackhead Foundation. For just the price of a cup of coffee, you can save a millionaire junkie from a life of starvation and leprosy.



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