Monday, June 2, 2008

OK! Offers Lindsay $1 Mil to Say She's Gay

Dayum! Being Lindsay Lohan is finally starting to pay off! Scratch that. Being Lindsay Lohan is finally starting to pay. OK! Magazine has reportedly offered Linds $1 Million to say she's gay. Insiders told Page Six that Lohan and OK! are in talks to do a cover where Lohan "comes out" about her relationship with gal pal Samantha Ronson, and the mag has offered her "around $1 million to do the cover." One source said, "Lindsay really wants this to happen and she needs the money." Lohan's rep denies there's a deal, however, saying, "They sent offers and we passed." OK! said, "We don't comment on future editorial." Sheeeeet! I'll say I'm gay for a million dollars! I'll say I'm gay for an outfit from Barney's. I'm totally cheap like that. Actually, I just really like my closet. And not in a metaphorical kind of way. I literally like my closet. Looking in there and seeing the beauty that is my wardrobe. I can see why some people don't want to come out. They might have fabulous wardrobes. Anyway, I can see why bitch wouldn't want to do the cover. Once you say "I'm totally doing this chick", people will take it as she's gay, and if her and Sammy break up and she begins dating a dude, she'll become the next Anne Heche. Lindsay just like the fish and chips. What's wrong with that? I don't know why anyone even cares. I only care because I can't believe she's been with someone this long. That Samantha must have one hell of a hotbox.


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