Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Men Say The Darndest Things

Billy Bob Thornton was straight talking crazy at a launch party for his new album. He stated that ex wifey Angelina Jolie is just going through a phase with Brad Pitt, and that one day she'll come crawling back begging for some Billy Bob lovin'.
"She is just going through a high school phase. You know dating the quarterback of the football team with Brad Pitt over there. She'll be waking up from that dream in no time. Who knows if I'll be there when she's ready to come to her senses though." Ha! You know what's even more fucked up about this is that he has been dating his baby mama, Connie Angland, since 2004. I'm sure she will just be thrilled to hear that she and the kid are basically his backup plan until Angie "comes to her senses". Nothing like being second best! Just warms your heart!


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