Monday, June 2, 2008

Oooh. Seth Rogan and James Franco Smoke Pretend Weed on MTV Movie Awards. Hardcore.

I didn't actually watch the MTV Movie Awards. But evidently, Seth Rogan and James Franco went through with a bit that MTV had written to go along with their new movie, Pineapple Express. The two were supposed to light a fake joint and smoke it, but at the last minute, MTV supposedly changed their minds and told them not to do the gag.
“MTV wrote it! … Then backstage there was this big commotion: ‘You guys can’t say that,’” Franco said. “It says right in the script: ‘Lights fake joint.’”
He liked the bit, saying: “that was the joke, because the No. 1 question we get about ‘Pineapple Express’ is, ‘What kind of research did you guys do?’”
Franco said he was disappointed that the cameras went wide.
“I think they killed the joke,” he said.
So what was really in the bag?
“I don’t know! MTV gave it to us.”
Ugh who cares? The whole thing was lame anyway. And if MTV told them not to do it, what were they supposed to do? Personally, I think they're just trying to create a little controversy for their new movie. But this is a lame ass way to do it. So what if it even was real weed. It's not like they dropped ten acid tabs and reinacted "The Wall". Now that I would like to see.

Pineapple Express Trailer



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