Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Philippine Fashion Week 2008: Premier Collection B

Abort! Abort!!! Some of the fashion shown during Premiere Collection B were an all out tragedy! What the name of Alexander McQueen were they thinking? Or not thinking? They had to be stoned off their fucking ass to think that shit looked hot! Not even Krystle Grant Jennings Carrington could pull that off! That being said, some of the looks-particularly the menswear-had very clean lines and were cut quite nicely. Knowing how seldom menswear translates from the runway to everyday (DSquared and Baby Phat are two of the rare ones who can pull it off), I'd give mad props. Designers from Premiere Collection B included Jeffrey Rogador, Manelle Chamian, Odelon Simpao and Twinkle Ferraren.



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