Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pocket Gay Gives Hills Ho A Schooling in Fashion and Bitchery

Oh no he Di'in't! Christian Siriano had previously publicly dissed The Hills Ho Lauren Conrad's clothing line, basically calling it a cheap piece of shit (which it is). At the MTV Movie awards, his bitchfest continued when he yet again told it like it was, breaking it down for the talentless "fashion designer". It wasn't long, but honey let me tell you, I thought it was good. "In her jersey knit tops!" Snaps! That may not mean anything to you, but in the fashion world, that is a majorly low blow. I'm talking "You weigh over 105 pounds you fat fucking heifer!" kind of low. You're a hot bitch, Christian. But I don't need to tell you. You already know.
P.S. That is the greatest picture ever. I so wish I had that entourage to walk behind me everywhere I went. Tell me that wouldn't be the shit.


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