Friday, June 20, 2008

Posing With Tiny Farm Animals Does Not Make You Cuter or More Likeable

O.k. maybe it does a little bit. Like a miniscule amount. That doesn't mean that Kelly Osbourne isn't still a whiney, self-entitled brat though. A bitch doesn't change her stripes! I should know. Anyway, Ms. Osbourne is currently following in the footsteps of fellow Brit Peaches Geldolf by creating a video diary during the upcoming Glastonbury Music Fesival on her Orange mobile phone. Kelly will bitch, kick and complain her way around Glastonbury’s different areas, stages and VIP sections watching bands, chatting to friends and yelling at staff for not putting enough lemon in her water. Goddamnit she said 3 1/8 wedges! How hard is it?!? Mummy! Daddy! Make the stupid nobody get it right! Anyway, each day her video diary from the last 24 hours will be posted up on the Orange Glastonbury website so members of the public can keep track of Kelly’s weekend at the year’s biggest festival. You can check it out here. If you dare! Now where is that moron with my lemon water?!?



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