Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Saint Angelina Brings Down The Wrath On Disney

Angelina has taken a break from orphan shopping, repopulating the Earth, and singlehandedly saving the world from famine, disease, coodies, and all out unhappiness to bust bad on Disney for not yet featuring an African Princess in one of their films. Queen Mother tells OK Magazine that daughter Zahara wants a movie to relate to, and my guess is what Zahara wants, Zahara gets. Angie says to the mag, “(So) even the color of the children in the cartoon matters. There still isn’t a Disney princess that’s African and it’s very difficult because our daughters’ getting into princesses right now and it upsets me.” What I love about this is that she doesn't say, "It's important for children of varying ethnicity to see characters who they can relate to." But rather, "MY daughter is into princesses, so it's difficult on ME." That Angie always has something to complain about. I'm not saying Disney shouldn't have more diverse characters, I just LOOOOVE how that bitch makes everything about her! And you just KNOW the minute Disney gets wind of this they will have people working on an African Princess movie day and night just to apease the Angie the Great. You DON'T disappoint Queen Mother Angelina! That's like slapping mother Mary straight in the face! Automatic entrace into eternal damnation with no chance at forgiveness!


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