Thursday, June 5, 2008

See Kids? Meth Makes You Fertile!

Look at what Stephanie Tanner's vagina went and did. Poor baby. I can see the desperation in her eyes. Silently signaling the camera man to help rescue her from a life of playing with Colt 45 caps and duct tape. You know those crazy meth fiends and how paranoid they are-always taping up the windows so the "man" can't see in and shit. I'm also getting a little creeped out by David Cook giving me the sexy eyes. I love how becoming famous automatically makes you sexy. You can look like Fat Bastard, but if you've got money or are on a reality show, BAM! Instant hotness. Ridic! I bet you're way hotter than David Cook, aren't you? Yeah. You are. Look at you blushing!


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