Monday, June 23, 2008

Sexy Beast

OMG I totally get it now. I completely understand why Linds went les for Sam Ronson. Just look at that hot piece of snatch. That is one firey sex bomb. With her high top tennies and her ill fitting v-neck and her stove pipe hat. And don't even get me started on the osteoporosis that's already setting in. There's nothing hotter than a hunchback. That really gets my privates tingling. And those dark brown roots and bleach blonde hair that she insists on having despite the fact that you know she's got money out the ass? Drives me wild! Oh! And did I forget to mention her brillowly skin? Now that's one 409 pad I can't say no to. Meow! What's new alleycat, woah woah woah! Here are these two hot tamales leaving Nicole Richie's house this weekend. Most likely filming a "this is your face on coke" ad for baby Harlow.


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