Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shia Gets Bitch Slapped

In this compelling video, Shia begs his fellow douche friend to bitch slap him which, at first, his friend is reluctant to do because clearly they are an intelligent bunch that get together over peach tea and crumpets and read Charlotte Perkins Gilman and dicuss current events like civilized yet enthused young people. However, after much prodding and pleading, including calling his friend the "F" word, his friend finally bitch slaps him. Let me tell you what. Someone uses the "F" word in my house, I would ream them a new asshole. Really, I would. That, the "N" word, and "Dollop" are completely unacceptable and all grounds to get a right hook to the jaw. Dollop. Ugh. Just thinking about that word makes me shudder. It's just so ugly!


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