Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shia LaBeouf in July's "Arena" Magazine

Damn, you can't turn around without seeing Shia LaBeaouf's mug staring back at you. His latest cover is for Arena Magazine's July issue. You know, I think the little douchelette is starting to grow on me. Kind of like a fungus. One that, at first bugs the hell out of you, but after a while, you just keep scratching it without even noticing or thinking twice. You've completely forget how annoying it is or ow much it drives you crazy because it has just been that way for so long. Shia LaBeouf is just like a stable, non life-threating condition of fungus to me.



Nicole said...

I saw Shia on the cover of GQ this month... and he ACTUALLY looked good!

I am not really the biggest fan but perhaps he is growing on me, like a fungal spore, as well ;)


Anonymous said...

Shia can grow on me anytime. There's a fungus among us. Yum!

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