Monday, June 30, 2008

Sienna Miller Messing With Married Man?

It didn't take Sienna Miller long to recover from her breakup with longtime boyfriend Rhys Ifans! The Brit is already being linked to uber rich oil heir and "Brothers & Sisters" actor Balthazar Getty, 33. Problem is, Getty is married with four children-the youngest being just 8 months old. His wife Rosetta however is not going to sit around and be made the fool. Word has it she is filing divorce papers today. Just how did Sienna and Getty hook up? It's rumored that Sienna's ex, Matthew Rhys, Getty's co-star on "B&S" introduced the two. According to sources the two hooked up in Prague while Slutty Mc. Slut Pants was filming G.I. Joe. A friend of Matthew's said: "They began meeting in Prague and that was when the chemistry started and he began wooing her. She had a boyfriend and it didn't immediately turn physical but there was something there...This behaviour is typical Sienna. She loves the power of being able to take a man off another woman."
For the past month Sienna and Balthazar, said to be "besotted and smitten", have been getting closer.
The tycoon's wife and children Cassius Paul, Grace, Violet and June Catherine, are all thought to have gone to stay in one of the family's well-staffed villas in Italy while a divorce is thrashed out.
As for Sienna and Getty, have been holed up day and night with each other. Mc Slut Plants flew to Los Angeles last Monday after finishing her nine-month relationship with Ifans. On Wednesday Sienna ordered a takeaway and took it back to a hideaway house in Hollywood she was sharing with Balthazar. They ate out in LA on Thursday and met friends including actor Johnny Lee Miller (Angie's ex) for drinks on Friday, arriving separately.
A witness said: "Getty came in and everyone made space for him to sit by Sienna at the table. They clearly knew they were together."
The things people will do for used up vagina. Getty is losing his wife and children for some dumb twat who will break up with him in months. Serves him right. I hope his wife takes his fugly fug ass to the cleaners.


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