Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spanish Actresses Get Nekkid For July Spanish "Elle"

The July 2008 issue of Spanish Elle Magazine features several Spanish actresses getting muy caliente by stripping down to their birthday suits for charity. Isn't it always? A portion of the proceeds of this month's Elle Espanol will be donated to help some people in need. Most likely the horny old men who don't get laid foundation. Anyway, the nine nude ladies include Elsa Pataky, Monica Cruz, Leonor Watling, Ariadne Artiles, Eugenia Silva, Laura Sanchez, Blanca Romero, Bimba Bose, and Natalia Verbeke.
Monica Cruz & Leonor Watling

Laura Sanchez & Eugenia Silva

Elsa Pataky & Blanca Romero

Bimba Bose & Ariadna Artiles

Natalia Verbeke



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