Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stifler Had Sex With Jessica Simpson; Is World's Biggest Douchebag

So Sean William Scott aka Stifler aka flaming douchebag recently did an interview with World Star Hip Hop in which he displays what a gentleman he truely is by voluntarily stating that he did the deed with Jessica Simpson. Here is how it transpired:
DJ Whoo Kid: I heard you had beef with Nick Lachey, man.
Stifler: Oh, 'cause I fucked Jessica Simpson?
[Assorted OH!'s, DAMN's, That is WACK!'s]
Stifler: No, but I did!
DJ Whoo Kid: One rumor out da way!
Wow. True class and elegance. Really though, what kind of jerkoff does that kind of shit? Only the douchiest of the douches, that's who. If he were any kind of real man he'd be like, "I don't really like to go around putting that kind of stuff out there. It's just disrespectful." And, in my opinion, it doesn't make Jessica Simpson look bad, (well, maybe her taste in men), it makes him look like an even bigger fucktwad than I had assumed he was. I mean, like him saying he had sex with her is supposed to make her look easy? Or like a slut? The chick is 26 years old. She's a grown ass woman! So what if she had some sex? I don't understand how him saying that is supposed to make people think badly of her and good of him. What a total disgraceful moron. You're on my shitlist forever Stifler. You could save 20 orphans from a burning building and there will be no redemption. And I bet you have a needle dick. Most guys that go around bragging like that usually do.


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