Friday, June 20, 2008

Teen Girls Make Pregnancy Pact To All Have Homeless Man's Baby-Hey, Gotta Reach For the Stars!

Summer vacation has barely started at Gloucester High School in the sleepy town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and already 17 girls from the school have become pregnant-more than four times the amount of pregnancies the school normally had last year. The adults began to wonder what the reason for the rapid increase was and naturally their first inclination was to blame movies like Juno and Knocked Up which "glamourise" single motherhood. As always! Blame it on the movies and not the actual people who raise and/or disciple the children! It's Diablo Cody's fault! Anyway, turns out over half of the girls (and more that didn't end up pregnant but came in wishing they were) had made a pact to have their babies by some 24 year old homeless dude and raise them together. Together. When they say together I assume they mean "with mom and/or dad's help". And how did these bright young leaders of tomorrow react to the news that they were all knocked up by a guy that lives in a cardboard box? High fives and plans for baby showers of course! Wow, the kids today are so ambitious. When I was a teenager my friends wanted to be writes, actors, nurses, today the kids want to all have the baby of a homeless man. What drive. They can all take turns visiting daddy in the alley he's living in that week, providing the cops haven't arrested him for disturbing the peace or ooh! My personal favorite! Pissing on the side of the National Gallery of Art. I tell you, you just haven't grown up in the D.C. area unless you've seen someone pissing on the side of a respected museum at least 253 times. Ah, what little women. These bitches have definetely seen "Curly Sue" one too many times.


Anonymous said...

Ugghhhhh that's infuriating. Where I live there's a ridiculous amount of girls getting pregnant (under the age of 18) and they're all "OMG you're pregnant too?! I gave birth in the Victorian room" It really burns my butter to know that girls my age are so damn stupid. They have no idea what it's like to raise a child (help from grandma and grandpa). Babies have turned into a handbag. When I say I don't want kids, just two degrees, they look at me like I'm a leper.

This is disgusting. I can't believe girls my age are so damn stupid.

slacker chic said...

I have the same problem so I can definetley relate. You should be proud (I know you are) that you are setting your goals so high. Like you said, babies aren't accesories. And if those mothers you talk of really wanted to give their children the best, they wouldn't be so selfish as to have them just because they look cute. I think completing your education and making the most of yourself, so that, if one day you do decide to have a child you can give them great opportunities, is the least selfish thing in the world!

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