Friday, June 27, 2008

Tila Tequila Choose a Luuuuva. Tens of Viewers Rejoice.

Shot at Love 2 spoiler alert! So who did she choose?!? Who do you think? She chose the chick, of course! She chose a dude last season therefore she had to choose a girl this go round or else everyone would say she's a fake bi. And everyone knows there's nothing worse than a girl who pretends to be a total les. Criminal! Anyway, congratulations Kristy Morgan! May your antibiotics be with you. And if you missed your shot at love, don't fret! Sources say a third season is already in the works. Shocker! Allegedly on the season finale, Tila asks Kristy to be her main snatch, to which Kristy replies, "Fuck Off!". So of course Tila does. She'll fuck anybody! Which is why I say never fret, because through the laws of mathematics, statistically speaking she should be getting around to doing you sometime in the near future.


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