Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vanessa Paradis for Mui Mui Fall/Winter 2008/2009

Here's the first look at Vanessa Paradis for Mui Mui's F/W 08/09 ad campaign. I would be inclined to say this is a step up from Kiki Dunst's previous campaign for Mui Mui, but that would only because I find Kiki as appetizing as reguritated dairy products on a hot summer day. So far the buzz has been that the makeup is too harsh and that they have made Vanessa look too mannequin-esque. That doesn't bother me so much as the color scheme. Vom green, navy blue and black? This bitch looks like she should be handing me packaged peanuts and asking if I would prefer ginger ale or orange juice. Me no likee. I know you are trying to boldly go where no fall/winter campaign is going this season MM, but this is not a pleasant venture. I personally feel they set their own bar very high with the F/W 04 Maggie Gyllenhaal campaign. Now THAT was truely lustworthy.


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