Saturday, June 21, 2008

Victoria Beckham to Release High End Dress Collection

Vickie Beckham has managed to find the time in her busy schedule of not smiling, not eating, and posing for the paps to design a line of high end dresses entitled "POSH Frocks". There aren't many deets as of yet regarding the new endeavor, but we do know that she will be selling her pieces at upscale department stores. She also said that her items would be "slightly" more expensive than fellow Brits Kate Moss and Lily Allen's clothing lines. Marc Jacobs, whose Spring/Summer Collection she recently (and hilariously) posed for, is also said to be lending a helping hand with the designs. Now, I've just taken a few business and marketing classes, and I am just a consumer, but don't you think you'd reach a wider audience and sell more by making clothes slightly affordable? I mean, that is part of, say, Kate Moss' TopShop collection: that it's reasonably priced. I know she wants to think she's Hussein Chalayan and shit, but when you boil down to it, she's a Spice Girl with no formal fashion education or training. Who is her target audience? People who have millions to burn? I think not! We saw how successfully (or unsuccessfully) her overpriced VB Rocks and dVb brand sold. If I were her, I wouldn't bite the hand that feed me, and think a little more reasonably.


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