Saturday, June 28, 2008

What Up With Britney and KFed, Ya'll?

Exes Britney and Kevin both stepped out yesterday on different sides of the tha S. looking uh...different. KFed was doing a bit of shopping in Miami during the day, while Brittles was spotted partying at Sur in the evening. This girl cannot get it together to save her life! Hot mess alert! That dress with that shoes and that bag is criminal! And that weave? Offensive to my corneas. I guess congratulations that she doesn't have a huge salsa stain down the front, but the night is still young. Kevin on the other hand looks good. I'm thoughroughly convinced he's sucked all the hot out of Britney. How else do you explain this phenomenon? It's probably some sort of comic balance of hot. Like the ecosystem. Only substituted with sexiness.



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