Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wrong Answer!

So Little Miss Britney went out to Sur in Hollywood last night and she was nothing short of a ridiculous mess. I mean really! You have to try to look that discombobulated. I have seen people rescued from burning buildings who look more put together than she does here. I have seen people who are in the process of being thrown from a moving train who look more well groomed. You are making it virtually impossible to root for you Britney. With your busted ass weave and your ever present bra strap. I suppose kudos is in order for at least wearing a bra, but still. In other Britney news, daddy Spears has been given permission by the court commissioner to sell Brittle's home in Studio City. The house probably holds many bitter memories for the singer, who was picked up by authorities within the last year from the house. No word yet on where she'll move in to next, but I'm really hoping it's in with KFed. I'm still holding out hope for those two crazy kids.



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