Friday, June 6, 2008

You're Getting Very Sleepy

Jesus these two are boring. I mean, technically they're attractive. But they are about as interresting as Ben Stein reading me the phone book. I suppose they deserve each other though, seeing as how they'd be hard pressed to find two individuals quite so boring as the other. Here's how I imagine a typical conversation between Ryan Phillipe and Abbie Cornish would go:
Ryan: Are you enjoying your tomato soup, Abbie?
Abbie: I'm sorry Ryan. I did not hear you. Could you please repeat yourself?
Ryan: Certainly. I asked if you were enjoying your tomato soup.
Abbie: Why yes. Yes, I am. Thank you for asking. It is quite enjoyable.
Ryan: You know it has 37% less sodium?
Abbie: Does it really? That is humorous to me, as I thought it tasted slightly less salty.
Ryan: You do have a keen sense of sensing herbs and/or spices.
Abbie: Why, I appreciate the fact that you have noticed that I have a keen sense for tasting herbs and/or spices.
Ryan: Yes, that is definetely a quality of which I find appealing.
Abbie: You mean IN which you find appealing.
Ryan: Touche!
Abbie: Let us laugh. I believe I will laugh for three seconds. Will you join me in a momentary fit of recklace abandon?
Ryan: Certainly.
(Abbie and Ryan laugh)
Abbie: That was exciting. I shall write that in my journal this evening.
Ryan: I shall a well.

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