Friday, July 11, 2008

$2 Million Too Much

Jessica Alba has finally sold her just out of the uterus spawn to the weekly tabloids. These Hollywood bitches are such caring, and loving individuals. Seriously! They care and love money more than anything in the world. Especially their stupid babies who cry all the time and who won't shut their tiny traps for the nannies. TMZ reports that Alba finally got someone to buy pic of daughter Honor for a$1.5 million to OK! Magazine. $1.5?!? Seriously? First of all, like she really needs the money. Way to sell your child to the highest bidder for more cold hard cash that you don't need. Talk about high moral standards. Why does anyone even care to see Alba's baby? $1.5 million to see a baby of some ungrateful, raging bitch? Nothing against the child-I mean, if anything I offer it my sympathies for being brought into this world as Jessica Alba's child. Cruel world! A source said that at first Alba turned down offers from the weeklies, but eventually gave in when the price was right. The deal includes the first pictures of Honor as well as some other events like Christmas. Gross. Mad props to Halle Berry for not whoring out her baby to the highest bidder. Methinks she might actually care more about her kid than how much they can fatten her bank account.


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