Friday, July 11, 2008

61 Year Old Rolling Stone Runs Away With GIrl Old Enough To Be Great, Great, Great, Great Grandaughter

File this under: "EEEEEWWW!!!" 61 year old Rolling Stone Ron Wood has left his wife of 23 years for an 18 year old Russian cocktail waitress named Ekaterina Ivanova. He is believed to have taken the child to his home in Ireland, leaving his wife Jo behind at the family home in Kingston upon Thames. Wood, an alcoholic who is said to have 'fallen off the wagon', met Ekaterina three months ago in the playground while she was skipping rope and talking about how boys have coodies. No, grandad met the girl at the Leicester Square premiere of Martin Scorsese’s documentary about the Rolling Stones, Shine A Light. Completely dillusional wifey Jo refuses to believe the rumor that they are dating, saying she believed the pair had gone on a painting holiday together. 'They’re not boyfriend and girlfriend — not in that way.' Whatever helps you sleep at night Jo. All I know is that if my husband or I took some 18 year old on a "painting holiday", heads would effing roll. And what the hell is "painting holiday"!?! If it is secret code for sex, than yes, I am sure they are definetely painting with the help of Viagra and vomit bags. While Jo may be in denial, Ekaterina has been using Facebook to tell friends she and the guitarist are having a relationship. A friend told The Sun: 'She is absolutely besotted with Ronnie. She has told everyone Ronnie has left his wife for her and they are a full-on item. Ekaterina said Jo had told her she knew what was going on and begged her not to take her husband away. She claimed she told Jo, ‘ I am not taking him. He is leaving." Can you believe how kids talk back to their elders? Unbelievable! A source close to Wood told The Sun: 'Ronnie is not being his normal self. He is an alcoholic and he’s fallen off the wagon. He is drinking two bottles of vodka a day and there is no way he would be behaving like this if he was sober. "He went out and found himself a drinking partner — that is what this girl is. He knows that his family wouldn’t tolerate him behaving like this so he has run away to go and drink himself crazy." All I have to say is Ron, you are a perv and borderline pedophile. Ekaterina, the fact that you are banging a dude who was in his 40s when you were born is grodie to the tenth power. Good luck selling your story to the rags as I'm sure you will do in order to cash in on your 15th minutes. And Jo? You are a moron.


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