Tuesday, July 1, 2008

8th Annual The Trevor Project Benefit Gala

A bunch of superhot bitches attended the 8th Annual The Trevor Project Benefit Gala at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel last night to raise money and honor notable figures in the gay community. The Trevor Project (Trevor), the non-profit organization that operates the nation’s only around-the-clock suicide prevention helpline for gay and questioning youth, awarded Alan Cumming and The N, the 24-hour network for and about teens, with awards last night. "For a long time, I've admired the work of The Trevor Project and the support they give to America's gay youth, so I'm really delighted and honored to be given this award by such a great organization," said Alan. "The Trevor Project really inspired me so this award truly is special, and I will continue to try and further their goals in my life and work.”
George Takai

Alan Cumming

Heather Mazzarazo

Indina Menzel

Rosie Perez

Alec Mana & Adamo Ruggiero


Anonymous said...


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slacker chic said...

Yeah, let's also recollect what the Bible says about women:
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So are you trying to say then, that women should shut up and obey their husbands like they are their owners? Like they are property? Don't even try to lecture me-I went to Christian school for nearly the entirety of my education. I guarantee I am more schooled than you in the subject. So you can kindly shove it up your ass, you judgemental, self righteous prick.

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