Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Corey Haim Forgets He's Corey Haim, Thinks He's Denzel.

What a fucking douchebag! In a scene from "The Two Coreys", Corey Haim throws a total diva fit refusing to shoot a closeup. He tells the producer that he "needs a creative discussion about what's going on here" and that it is his character and his reputation, to which the hot bitch producer sets him straight saying, "No. This is a Warner Brothers owned character!" Oh snap! He then goes on to cry about the fact that he just burned every bridge with WB Studio. Oh well. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut and thanked his lucky crackpipe that someone was giving him a job that didn't involve shame, regret, and a BJ on the Sunset Strip for a dimebag. Later in the clip you can hear that mess Haim snorting something in his trailer. Personally I don't feel sorry for him because he is a grown person who repeatedly makes the worst decisions he possibly could make. Corey Feldman basically followed the same path but chose to turn his life around for the better. One is an inspiration and the other? The most frightening "this is your brain on drugs" example ever.


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