Monday, July 21, 2008

Court Perverter!

Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse's husband, was just handed a 27 month jail sentence for trial-fixing and beating up a former pub landlord. Blake, 26, will serve his time at Snaresbrook Crown Court, east London, after admitting grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice in a £200,000 trial-fixing plot aimed at trying to save him from jail. He and friend Michael Brown beat James King, 36, so badly in June 2006 that he needed plates fitted into his face for a broken cheekbone and still has counselling. Judge David Radford told that sexy hunk of man Blake that he had behaved in a "gratuitous, cowardly and disgraceful" way. His Hotness has already served around nine months on remand so he could be free in four-and-a-half months if he behaves himself in prison. Fielder-Civil, who had looked calm and relaxed throughout the hearing, showed little emotion as the sentence was passed. Probably because he was high as holy hell and thought he was just at Taco Bell being told they didn't have an more Crunch Wrap Supremes. However, as he was taken down to the cells by court staff at the end of the hearing he looked up and smiled at friends and family in the front row of the crammed public gallery and mouthed "see you soon". Creepy!
The judge said Fielder-Civil was high on alcohol and cocaine when he and Michael Brown attacked James King outside the Macbeth Pub in Hoxton, east London. (No shit.) He said Fielder-Civil joined in the attack "out of a mistaken sense of loyalty to your friend". No, he joined that shit cause he was high as fuck and it probably seemed like a new and exciting alternative to their rousing checkers tournaments. "The fact remains that in joining in that attack by kicking out at Mr King after he had already been both punched and kicked by Mr Brown you behaved in a gratuitous, cowardly and disgraceful way.
"It will be of little comfort to Mr King that you did so because of your inebriation." But will be comforting is that money I'm sure Mr. King is getting. Some of that Winehouse crack money. The only question that remains is how many crusty dudes Amy will screw before Blake gets out of the pokie. My money's on 12.



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