Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Damn Carol Brady. Tell Us How You Really Feel.

The relationship of Florence Henderson and Christopher Knight (Carol and Peter Brady) extended far beyond their years on "The Brady Bunch" with Carol acting like a second mother to the "My Fair Brady" star. Christopher has said in the past that he respects and honors Henderson's opinion, but he might want to ignore the statements that recently came out of her mouth regarding both his career choices as well as his marriage to Adrianne Curry. Henderson, 74, spoke to reporters on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles, where she was promoting her upcoming Hallmark Channel film Ladies of the House. "Christopher Knight is like my son and he was very involved with this person on The Surreal Life. He asked me to counsel them – I am a certified hypnotherapist – but I didn't really want to do reality TV." Henderson appeared on the couple's VH1 show My Fair Brady, which she says seemed to steer the couple into an engagement. "They didn't take my advice at all! And as you may have seen, they did get engaged and they did get married," she says. "Maybe I will counsel the divorce." Dayum! Harsh words, Brady mom. It doesn't exactly sound like she is going to be sending Adrianne Christmas cookies anytime soon. Unless, of course, they're laced with arsenic. And since when is a hypnotherapist the same as psychologist/couples counselor? If I were Adrienne, I would be pretty effing peeved at that total slap in the face statement. While she and Knight may fight fairly often, it's plain to see that they do love each other. Both are adults, capable of making their own decisions, and don't need someone else to tell them who to date or marry. So butt out Brady lady!


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