Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dane Cook's Eviction Trial Over Dog Poo is Underway.

Dane Cook is not only an annoying, over the top douchebag, he's also an inconsiderate prick. Yeah, I know. Shocking. The "comedian" and "actor" (really taking some liberty with those words) is going to court because his lawyer wants to evict him for never cleaning up his miniature pinscher’s poop from the common area of his apartment in West Hollywood. Both Cook and his nasty girlfriend have been asked several times by the landlord and fellow tenants to clean up after their dog, but they refuse. In addition, there are even "No Dog Poop" signs right next to where Cook was letting his dog do his business. Wow. Really sticking it to the man, aren't we? Such rebel badasses. Cook's lawyer questioned jurors by asking them the dumbest questions one can possibly imagine. Among them are the following:
- What’s worse. Stepping in gum or stepping in dog poop?
- If you live next to a park and saw dog poop, would you avoid that park?
- Would you confront someone about spitting out gum on the sidewalk or not picking up dog poop in a public place?
- Would you confront a neighbor about picking up after their dog?
Um...yes to all! And I would rather step in gum, because it's not defication and doesn't taint my shoes with it's disgusting smell forever. I have two dogs and I get that it sucks to pick up their shit, but why should others have to step in your dog's feces? Digusting! The fact that he thinks he is too good to pick up shit though is no suprise. He's probably used to crap because that's precisely what his movies and comedy acts are. Steaming piles of shit that no one wants to get near.


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