Friday, July 18, 2008

Domo Arigato Mrs. Roboto

Everyone's favorite dead in the eyes not-a-singer singer/not-a-designer desinger Victoria Beckham managed to hold her bobble head up for at least 10 minutes to shoot a cover and editorial for the August issue of Allure. In the mag she denies that she has an eating disorder, saying if she hadn't eaten like everyone suspects in the last 10 years she's be "awfully hungry". No duh! That's why you look so damn miserable all the time. To defend Posh though, I'm sure she considers a thible full of Diet Coke and one half a tic tac to be eating. Therefore, I suppose she isn't lying per se. I will say I think Allure made her look fabulous in these pictures. Particularly her Jennifer Beals "Dirty Dancing" hair. It makes her look a smidge healthier. Almost 87 full pounds!



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