Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ebony Magazine's 25 Coolest Black Men of All Time

Ebony's August issue not only gives props to the 25 coolest black dudes of all time, the edition (which hits newstands on the 8th) celebrate their bad assness by giving many of the men their own covers.
"For the first time ever, Ebony magazine presents not one, not two, but eight quintessential covers to celebrate the 25 coolest Black men of all time. Jay-Z, Barack Obama, Prince, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Marvin Gaye, Muhammad Ali and Billy Dee Williams take center stage as they personify Black cool on the covers of this historic collector’s edition. From their sleek, debonair styles to their smooth-as-silk personas, these magnificent Black men have conveyed, captured, and conquered the quintessence of cool while making it appear effortless."
Personally Samuel L. is my fave. He's the cat's meow and just so...Sam Jackson! In fact, I think we should get rid of the words "fly" or "cool" and substitute it with Samuel L. As in, "I met this dude at the club the other night. He was so Samuel L. I just totally acted the fool." Sounds natural to me! Now I'm just waiting for the 25 dopest females issue. And you best believe Ms. Badu better be snaggin that number one spot.

Jay-Z & Marvin Gaye

Muhammad Ali & Prince

Billy Dee Williams & Denzel Washington

Barack Obama



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