Thursday, July 31, 2008

Explosions Out The Ass. Literally.

Either the people at Macy's have one hell of a sense of humor, or they just do not know crap about photography. I am sorry but all of these commemorative shots taken celebrating Macy's 150 years in the retail biz look whack. Tommy Hillfiger has fireworks coming out of his ass, the children's band looks like they're in the middle of covering up a massive fart by The Donald (the little boy behind him looking particularly disturbed and pained by having to do so), Martha Stewart appears creeparific-as if she's holding a box of dynamite disguised as a pressie for her assistant (that'll teach the bitch to give her whole milk her her double latte half-calf), and Christina looks like she's just won Mr. Ms. America. Drag On, Girl. Drag on.



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