Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Five Stages of Vomintation

Whoever chose these picture of my arch enemy Mischa Barton for the September issue of UK's Marie Claire is my hero. Bitch looks like she's drunk off her ass and hanging on for dear life over some friend of a friend's toilet rambling about how she knew she shouldn't have had that last Jager Bomb and how you are her very best friend in the world and what is your name again? I guess that explains the headline that reads "Party On". Looks like she really took that advice to heart. What remains a mystery to me though is why this fugly fug continues to make covers or editorials. She hasn't really done crap since the O.C. except whine about pap photoshopping conspiracy theories, lay on the beach with her stringy haired boyfriends, or parouse the streets in the most God awful fringe and suede clothing you will ever see. Mischa Barton is like Yellow Fever. You would think that she would have died out long ago; that eventually someone would have come up with some method of disposing of her so that she could not harm the general population any longer. But nope. She continues to spread her fug uselessness all over the world, refusing to let the public live in peace. Damn you, Mischa. Why won't you let us be?



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