Saturday, July 5, 2008

Freakishly Tan People At Christian Audigier The Nightclub Grand Opening

What in 6 lb 8 oz baby Jesus' name is wrong with these people? They are putting George Hamilton to shame with their fugly ass over cooked turkey faces. You cannot tell me that they looked at themelves in a mirror and thought, "Yes. Yes. This is precisely the look I was going for. Damn I'm irresistable." Did they have some sort of tan-off that we the public are unaware of? I surely hope so because otherwise they are all some whack bitches in dire need of a clean mirror. On the bright side, they are making Bai Ling look like a resonable and completely normal individual. And Jeremy Jackson is making Chriss Angel look like a hot piece of classy ass. That pink eye definetely adds a certain je ne sais quoi. Anyway, here are the freaks, coming out at night, for Christian Audigier The Nightclub Grand Opening at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
Jeremy Jackson

Eric Cubiche and Jaime Pressly

Bai Ling

Nick Cannon


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