Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hale Bob Summer of Love Party

E-listy celebs came out the other night to attend the Hale Bob Summer of Love partay, but perhaps the big news of the night was that Tara Reid walked out of the party. Yes, walked! She didn't eat the curb and she wasn't carried out. Bravo, Tara! For this girl that's like winning an Oscar. Anyway, here are my picks for the fab and fug of the night:
Best Dressed: Rachel Fox
I never, evereverever give best dressed to children, but I have no choice but to award Rachel Fox with best dressed of the evening. That dress (a Hale Bob, naturally), is so cute and so age appropriate. The colors and design are so fun-the perfect dress for a tween. If I were her age, I would definetely want to wear this.
Worst Dressed: Alan Curry
Hooker say wha? The dress screams day prostitute. I mean gold lame? Really?!? The least she could have done is throw some damn nipple tape on. Tackadocious to the tenth power.
Freshest Face: Teairra Mari
Flawless! Her skin is so smooth, her makeup is gorgeous and the cherry on top is that the girl is giving mad face. You can tell that she feels beautiful, and that is always the magic ingredient to any look.
Most Busted Face: Vivica A. Fox
What in the good goddamn is going on here? Vivica A. Fug! Remember when Ms. Fox used to be so hot? Well those days are long gone. And not because she got a little bit older, but because she looks like effing Freddy Kruger. This is why you do not fucks with your face, kiddies. The incredible unmoving face of Vivica. Hold me. I'm scared.
Baddest Bitch: Luenell
Hot bitch Luenell knows she is the cat's meow and I absolutely adore her. This woman could come in wearing a paper bag and Depends and she would stil be the most ferocious female on the block. You betta work, dammit.
Nadia Bjorlin

Tara Reid

Caroline D'Amore

Teairra Mari & Luenell

Danielle Biscutti

Taylor Treadwell & am Golzari

April Scott

Tichina Arnold

Vivica A. Fox

Lara Johnston

Amy Garcia

Ashley Jones

Emmanuelle Chriqui



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