Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heidi Klum Doesn't Like Runway, Uber Thin Models

In comparison to the rest of the models in the fashion world, Heidi Klum has always maintained a healthy, curvy figure-and that's just the way she likes it. In a recent interview, the host of Project Runway said: "Fashion shows have never been my thing. I don't look thin enough for the runway. The other girls were always much taller and skinnier. But I've never starved myself or done crazy things just to be thin like a rail." Heidi also admitted she never pays attention to compliments she is given by people in the fashion industry. "People in the business always say, 'You look fabulous.' You get that all the time and it kind of goes in one ear and out the other because most of the time they just say that to make you feel good. It's nice when you hear it from an ordinary person and then I appreciate it." If this came from almost anyone else, I would think it's a load of crap. But I think she's being serious and sincere. I was just watching the season finale of PR 4, and the runway models were shockingly thin. You could see the bags under their eyes and it was eriously disgusting. I don't know how they even manage to stand, let alone walk. In the 90's the models like Naomi, Helena and Linda were thin compared to regular people, but now they look like obese cows compared to these refugee looking bitches. I mean, malnourishment and looking like you have a 6 foot tapeworm is not hot. Back in the day Kate Moss was considered "heroin chic" because of her thin frame, but now she looks like every other actress in Hollywood. I don't care what anyone says,being 75 has to take a serious toll on your body. And you know if Heidi Freakin' Klum is considered "heavier", there is a serious distortion of perception going on that needs to be checked.


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