Saturday, July 5, 2008

Heidi Klum in August's UK "In Style"

I know most people have been complaining that all the fashion mags have been putting celebs on the cover rather than actual models, but since Heidi Klum is both celeb and supermodel, I think she's the best of both worlds. She appeals to the die hard fashionistas, and those who would rather have a big name on the front cover. As always, the mogul mom looks postively radiant and stunning. And, according to her interview with the mag, she plans on keeping that radiance alive by not turning her face into a petri dish for botulism. Says Klum, "I'll be the only dinosaur in this town, One that can actually move her forehead." That will be refreshing, because you know by the time Heidi starts to age, everyone will look like the creature from the fug lagoon. Not cute.



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